Progress Update - 23/05/2020

Hi Folks,

Last week I gave you my first update on The Innovation Games and how we are progressing. I wanted to give you another update, and to announce we are looking to start getting people in game to start seeing what we’ve done, and helping us test out permissions as we deploy them.

My hope is to start bringing you weekly updates, assuming we have something new to tell you, so that the entire community can start to see the server take shape. So far this week we have been making solid progress and both the Lobby server and the plots server is now more or less complete, subject to us setting up permissions properly for those servers, something we will be doing shortly we hope.

We have had some issues with one of the plugins we have chosen to deploy throughout the network, and have been working closely with the developers to remedy this. This currently is a major show-stopper for us getting more players on the beta servers, and going into our initial release. We hope to have a solution in place for this very shortly.

Over this weekend, and into next week we will start to publish the initial rules for the network, forums and any specific rules if we have any on specific servers, ultimately they should all feel very normal and common sense like. More information on this will follow when we have published it. We will also be starting work on the Pure Survival Server, and getting that stood up ready to allow beta testers to start joining as soon as is practical to do so.

We are however pleased to announce that we will start to accept applications for beta testers on the network. Right now we’re not entirely sure at which point we will be able to let those players join us, but we expect shortly after we have got the permissions in place it will allow those players to join us. If you wish to apply to join the beta test group, please click here and complete the very simple application process. Successful users will be able to access the beta test area of the forums and will be able to see all relevant information to get up and running.

I look forward to bringing you a further update very shortly and am very excited to be able to start showing off what we are building.