Progress Update - 18/05/2020

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to bring you all a quick update on progress, because we’re ramping up our efforts and making some really solid progress towards our initial beta testing starting, and shortly after the first Game servers going live.

To start off with, we’re prioritizing the Minecraft game, which was always part of our Phase 1 Roadmap. We are now not prioritizing the RUST Game for the Phase 1 rollout, but we expect that to fall into the second phase we are working towards. We have also decided to withdraw the Minecraft Freedom server from our initial rollout, and replace it with a pure Survival Server, something we had intended on launching in our second phase.

Phase 1 Release List:

Minecraft Hub Server - Where all players will login when they initially join the server for the first time.

Minecraft Pure Survival - A Pure survival server similar in nature to what the DarthCraft server used to operate like, where it is very community focused and intended for relaxing and building with friends.

Minecraft Creative Plots - A chance to get creative, try out ideas you might want to build in the Survival World or compete with Friends for who can make the best build, whatever you want to do you’ll be able to do it in the Creative Plots World.

Where are we at now?

As of today we have a Hub server that has been deployed and initial testing taking place on. We have a bit more work to get the plugin configuration setup and working, at which point it will be duplicated so we have two lobbies in case one fills up or overloads. We have not yet setup the portals within the hub but otherwise our plugin configuration is now complete pending user beta testing.

We have started setting up the Creative Plots server and have made some initial tweaks to the plugins configuration to enable larger than standard plots, and to make sure friends can even merge their plots together if you need a larger plot. We are working through the exact logistics of what we will be giving to players on the server, and we expect there to end up being a few roles on the server for those who need more than 1 or 2 plots so we don’t end up with a massive messy world. We will also be working through how we will manage the plots going forward. We do intend to allow players to download schematics of their plots on demands, but again we still need to test and prove this process through.

Work has not yet started on the Survival server, but we hope to do so in the near future.

I look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress, and can’t wait to welcome you to what we’re building!

Stay Safe.

~ Ryan