Progress Update - 04/06/2020

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I gave you an update on progress, and we’ve made some really good progress, but also made some significant changes to the way in which we’re going to be launching the initial network.

Covering off what we were tackling in the last update, we’ve worked with the software developers of our network wide plugin, and now managed to remedy the issue we were having and are now working through the permissions. We are currently confident that the permissions for the plots system is working, with WorldEdit permissions to follow. Elsewhere permissions have been configured and are up and running.

We are still looking to write up some of the rules and ways of playing, however where we’ve made some other changes, there have been some delays on getting this up and running. We are still keen to get people on the beta server and playing, so please see this link for how to sign up.

In terms of the major update, we are pleased to welcome OctalpusX to our team as a Developer. Octalpus is going to be doing work on a brand new custom game mode that we look forward to announcing in the near future. With this new game mode in mind, we’ve decided to initially pause our work on the ‘Pure Survival’ server, we may re-launch a survival server at a later date, however it will no longer be in our phase 1 release.

With the delay in our initial launch due to the creation of this brand new game mode, we will be taking the time to continue to tune our server environments, and will be working with the community and beta testers to start looking at improvements that can be made to the spawn’s in the worlds, and looking at building the bespoke map that will be required for our new game mode. If you are interested in that please keep your eye out here, we will be opening a thread for people to express an interest in this shortly.

We are also keen to know if there are any cool game modes you would love to experience, please do post a thread in the site feedback if you have any idea’s of what you would like the team to consider going forward.

That’s about it for this update, we will post a new blog post on the ATLAS Blog in the near future to give an update, so keep your eyes out for that!

Thanks all!