Progress Update - 01/07/2020

Hi Folks,

I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.

First of all, my apologies that updates have not been as regular as they once were, things have been quite busy throughout the ATLAS estate recently, and we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes which will eventually make it’s way into the project here.

We are continuing to progress work on our custom game mode and we look forward to being able to show it off when it’s a bit closer to being completed. We are also going to be doing some tweaking to the server setup to better tune and optimize the JVM’s that we’re running so that should hopefully make things a bit more pleasant when we come to getting more players online.

In terms of other things going on, ATLAS has started to ramp up work on our new ‘Enigma Panel’ which was one of the original projects that we were working on and was a major driver to get The Innovation Games launched to allow us to prove our panel works and does everything that we would expect from a control panel. Information on this will follow on the ATLAS Blog in due course.

Other than that we’ve not really got a lot more to add, I’m hoping to start making more progress on things soon, things might still be a bit slow as we’ve got a massive amount of work to do on the ATLAS Front so please do stick with us as we continue moving forward.

Until my next update.

~ Ryan